Previous members

James Bradford - Postgraduate researcher - PhD 2020

James did his PhD in 2016–2020, funded by the University of Sheffield. He worked on simulations of actin polymerisation and modelling phagocytosis. Our work on the phagocytosis of cryptococcus is in collaboration with Simon Johnston (Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease).

Naruemon Rueangkham - Postgraduate researcher - PhD 2020

Mon did her PhD in 2016–2020, funded by the Royal Government of Thailand. Her thesis is on "Modelling cargo transport and deformation by molecular motors along cytoskeletal filaments". She is currently working as a lecturer in KOSEN - KMITL, Bangkok, Thailand.

Ian Estabrook - Postgraduate researcher - PhD 2018

Ian did his PhD in 2013–2018, funded by EPSRC. Ian's thesis title is "Deformation of cell nuclei".

He is now a postdoc at TU Dresden, Germany.

Antoine Fruleux - Postdoctoral research associate

Antoine joined us from November 2014 until May 2016, funded by EPSRC. He worked mainly on the physical roles of the nucleus in cell migration.

He is now a postdoc in Lyon, France.

Carl Whitfield - Postgraduate researcher - PhD 2015

Carl did his PhD 2012-2015, funded by EPSRC. He did a postdoc at the University of Warwick and is now at the University of Manchester, UK. His thesis title is "Modelling Spontaneous Motion and Deformation in Active Droplets".

Carl's website has more information about him and his work.