Current members

Members of the Rhoda J Hawkins group sat together at a picnic table

Natasha Cowley - Postdoctoral researcher

Tash completed her PhD in 2021, funded by EPSRC/CRUK. She was part of a team working on a Cancer Research UK funded project investigating the metastisis of breast cancer cells to bone. She modelled the movement of cells in the complex environments they encounter.
She is now a postdoctoral researcher in the group working on active matter theory.

Helen Pringle (née Marley) - Postgraduate researcher

Helen started her PhD in 2017, funded by the EPSRC CDT in Polymers, Soft Matter and Colloids. She is studying the biopolymers in the cytoskeleton in neurons.

Mehdi Ait Yahia - Postgraduate researcher

Mehdi started his PhD in 2020, funded by EPSRC. He is working on the mechanics of cells and nuclei. This involves deveolping models for the actin cytoskeleton using analytical theory and computational simulations.